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Features and Application:
Twin-wall hollow roofing sheet co-extrusion line consists of extruder, extrusion mould,calibration system haul-off machine,cutter and stacker. The extrusion die
adopts the latest co-extrusion technology with very precise design with multi-cavity,the shaping mould includes the vacuum calibrating system and special design of the cooling runner,with excellent cooling effect.The surface UV layer is co-extruded with ASA bright color,which is not easy to fade. Compared with traditional PIastic roofing sheet. This twin-wall hollow roofing~sheet is better for heat and sound resistency.It is suitable for tropical weather,with advantages
of; anti-corrosion,rustproof,stong durability,beautiful appearance,easy and fast installation.Because of the stronger rigidity,the twin-wall hollow roofing sheet is
widely used in the factories(including chemical and treatment plants), sports stadium, school, agricultutal industry,~marine.produts,warehouse,commercial building.

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